Analyze the prospect of banner customization industry
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Analyze the prospect of banner customization industry

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In the past few decades, from the industrial sector down to the local authorities at all levels, the flag has been regarded as a small market, so that it has no place in the products of the entire textile system. However, with the development of society, the demand for flags has increased significantly. In this case, many flag factories have been established in many places. What is the prospect of banner customization?

1. With the deepening of the construction of spiritual civilization and the increase of friendly exchanges with foreign countries, there is a great demand for national flags from more than 190 countries in the world, in addition to the national, party and League flags in China. At the same time, the demand for some international conferences and large-scale sports competitions is also considerable. At present, it is difficult for general flag factories to complete them.

2. With the vigorous development of China's economic construction, a large number of advertisements, slogans and propaganda banners of enterprise groups have sprung up, and their appearance quality requirements are becoming higher and higher, which has the potential to catch up with developed countries. In order to adapt to its development, the banner customization process must adopt new technologies, otherwise it is difficult to meet the market demand.

3. The production of flags for maritime shipping is still a weak point in China's flag industry. Although the newly developed flag imitation yarn for naval equipment research has many advantages, it still has a certain distance compared with similar foreign flags. China's ocean shipping is growing day by day, and many foreign ships come to China, so there is also a great demand for internationally used Xun Hao and command flag. Unfortunately, some are said to have purchased from abroad, so the flag factory should be vigorously developed.

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